Online Bingo FAQ

What’s great about playing online Bingo is just how easy and fun it is. However, Claire and Carolyn understand that there may be a few things on your mind before you’re ready to take the plunge as a new player… so here’s some common questions answered for you!

Claire & Carolyn Here To Help – Some Answers To Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe to play online Bingo?

We only want you to have a positive experience of playing your favourite game on the Internet, so we’ll only tell you about the UK online Bingo halls that we trust and are happy to play ourselves! All our picks are properly regulated by reputable authorities, and have the tightest possible online security so you can be confident that they play fair and your precious personal membership data (including credit/debit card details) is safe from prying eyes!

What does a ‘Free No Deposit Bonus’ mean?

This is the kind of bonus we like the most, and try to guide you to! It’s a bonus of free money given by some of our favourite online Bingo halls without requiring you to deposit any money yourself to claim it! These are great promotions that let you enjoy a big bag of Bingo for free and really get to know the community playing that online hall.

Is this bonus money really free?

Yes it is. Naturally there are a few limitations on what you can do with it – you can’t just cash it straight out for instance – but it is proper money you can use to play real-money games and make real-money winnings from! All the best UK online Bingo halls clearly publish the terms and conditions that apply to specific promotions so take a peek at those if you want to know more about what your bonus money can buy and how it can be cashed out if certain conditions are met.

I’ve signed up to a Bingo hall you recommend but haven’t got my bonus yet. Can you help?

We’ll do what we can. If you’re confident that you’ve followed all the steps needed to receive an offer we advertise, your first port of call should be the Bingo hall’s own customer service team. The halls we recommend all have helpful teams available by phone or email and commonly around the clock, so they should be able to sort the issue without much delay. If you do find a problem making contact with that hall’s customer support staff, or find them unresponsive, let either of us know (claire& and we will look into the matter for you.

I wanted to join one of the online Bingo halls you recommend but they say I’m already registered but I’ve never played there before. How can that be?

Ah! Do you share your home with another Bingo fan? The most common reason for this situation is that someone else at your address had signed up for that online Bingo hall. Some UK online Bingo halls automatically restrict memberships to one per household, so in this situation it can be worth calling their customer service team to explain your particular circumstances in case they can waive the restriction for you.

Oops! I’ve completely forgotten my password for the online Bingo hall I found through you. Can you help me?

We’d love to, but for sensible security reasons we can’t! The online Bingo halls we recommend are very careful not to compromise the vital security both you and they rely on to ensure their members accounts aren’t interfered with. You may find a facility to help you retrieve your password at the log in area of your preferred hall, but if that fails make contact with that online Bingo halls support team to see if they can assist.