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The Sun’s a hot ticket for many UK online Bingo players, so we thought we’d shine a light on this popular hall to find out just how good the games are here, and sample the social scene that’s thriving in Sun Bingo’s packed chat rooms.

A nice long break in the Sun is just what Claire and Carolyn needed – and they’re now back to tell you all about it! Read their review below to get the news on Sun Bingo’s thriving online hall, and what it can offer its new players.

Sun Bingo – Claire & Carolyn’s Verdict:

The pioneer of newspaper Bingo in the UK, The Sun’s new online Bingo hall means business – and we think it is the business too! With a real focus on great Bingo gaming, Sun Bingo adds the unusual 80 Ball game to the 90 and 75 ball mix and delivers it all with a very slick bit of software…

Fewer alternative games to Bingo are offered here, but with online Bingo this good, and the fun of interacting with the huge community of players who flock here to play it, we can’t say that’s a problem at all!

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Sun Bingo   Sun Bingo

The Sun newspaper has long occupied a special place in the pantheon of British popular culture, being not only the UK’s number one tabloid (creating immortal headlines such as ‘Freddie Starr Ate My Hamster!’ along the way) but also the newspaper that brought boobs and Bingo to millions of breakfast tables across the country. Keen observers of Internet culture will no doubt remake that both boobs and Bingo have also proven to be quite a draw on the World Wide Web too, so it is perhaps little surprise that The Sun has decided to ‘go digital’ and bring its Bingo online for the interactive masses (we will leave discussion of its ‘Page Three’ content for offline discussion!) Curiously, for such an innovator of Bingo gaming beyond the traditional setting of high street Bingo halls, The Sun left it quite late to set up it s online Bingo operation. But was this delay a tactical decision to add extra shine to its game? Or is The Sun Bingo left in the shade by its longer established, big name online Bingo rivals? Let’s set our controls for the heart of The Sun.

Sun BingoWhilst we’re great believers in the old adage ‘you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover’, we do like online Bingo halls to put a little oomph into selling their wares when you click through to their website, and The Sun Bingo site – well, a bit underwhelming on first acquaintance. Sun Bingo’s website is simple clear and functional, which is no bad thing, but we would like to have seen a bit more razzmatazz to be frank. However, this rather bland welcome mat clearly hasn’t deterred the majority of visitors as The Sun Bingo is home to a huge community of online Bingo players, an achievement it managed in a relatively short space of time, much to the chagrin of some longer established UK online halls. Such success, some cynics may argue, is purely down to The Sun’s considerable resources allowing it to lavishly promote its online Bingo game through traditional media channels beyond its rivals’ budgets. This may be true to some degree, but in our experience, the online Bingo scene is very competitive and players won’t stick around a hall if its games and social scene fail to measure up to the experience of playing a real-world Bingo hall. If players are staying in The Sun its Bingo must be doing something right – so let’s find out.

Joining up to play The Sun Bingo is a simple process, although with a little more online form-filling to do than some of its rivals. You don’t get any free play action here, or bonuses without making a deposit, so you’re obliged to deposit some funds even if you just want to try out the games quickly before committing yourself as a Sun Bingo regular, which is disappointing to us but clearly hasn’t been a barrier to this site’s popularity as evidenced by the mass of players we joined during our review visits. Once you’re registered to play, the reasons for Sun Bingo’s popularity soon makes perfect sense. The Sun Bingo experience is delivered with its own bespoke games, programmed for it by the long-established Tombola company – the very same UK company that developed The Sun’s original newspaper Bingo game. With such a pedigree, it’s obvious Tombola knows a thing or two about creating Bingo games with bags of appeal and the online Bingo games its built for The Sun do not disappoint. There are 90, 75 and (more unusually) 80 ball games to choose from and play is delivered through a really attractive on-screen interface that loads quickly and is a snap to use. Facilities for live chat with other players and The Sun’s excellent Chat Managers are also neatly integrated into this screen, so everything essential for a great online Bingo session falls into one easy-to-use console. Sun Bingo’s popularity ensures there’s no shortage of other players to banter with in every room and, with such lively chat rooms, it’s also reassuring for newbies to this community that The Sun have over seventy Chat Managers rostered to keep things ticking along in a friendly spirit, and to help new members find their feet among the more established ‘regulars’. It really didn’t take any time before we felt comfortable and one of the ‘roomies’.

Gaming attractions beyond the main draw of online Bingo are more limited at Sun Bingo than some of its rivals, so if you’re seeking additional casino-style games to play as a complement to your virtual daubing adventures this site may not be what you’re looking for at this time, however we must give special mention to the virtual hamster racing you can enjoy here! Sure not as classy as Roulette, but it amused us.

Published customer support has improved considerably from an earlier review we carried out at Sun Bingo and we’re happy to report that the online Help section now lives up to its billing rather than causing us just to shout ‘Help!?’ For such times as you do need to speak to a human being about support, Sun Bingo can be hailed through freephone and email contact channels. We note that the freephone service is still not round-the-clock, as many of its rivals are, but we found it friendly and helpful and, when put to the test, did meet the published claim that calls would be answered within thirty seconds!

When it comes to new player promotions, big bonus hunters will probably be a little disenchanted with the goodies at The Sun Bingo, especially when measured against several rival operators. At the time of review the maximum Welcome Bonus on offer was a fifth of that many competing halls offer, but then it’s probably reasonable to surmise that because of the power of The Sun’s brand and its history of delivering fun, reliable Bingo it probably doesn’t need the traditional promotional lure of a big-money, attention grabbing Welcome Bonus to hook customers through its online doors.

So how would we sum up The Sun Bingo experience? To cut to the chase, its popularity is clearly well deserved. There’s a simplicity to this site you could call ‘no frills’ but – and let’s be clear about this – describing it thus is not to imply it’s ‘no fun’. True, there’s nothing radically new under The Sun for seasoned online Bingo players, but the execution of all its games really is top-notch and if vibrant online chat is essential to your selection of online Bingo venue then the social scene that flows from the huge community of players who’ve settled here, and the Sun’s excellent CMs, places a firm tick in that box. We certainly had fun in The Sun and think you will too.

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Claire & Carolyn’s Vital Statistics for Sun Bingo

Sun Bingo   Sun Bingo
Bingo Games Available 90 Ball Yes
75 Ball Yes
80 Ball Yes
Player Promotions Free Bingo Bonus No
1st Deposit Bonus 100% Match up to £100
Loyalty Scheme No
Other Games Available Casino Table Games No
Slots No
Video Poker No
Instant Win Yes
Payment Methods Available Delta Yes
Electron Yes
Maestro Yes
MasterCard Yes
NETeller No
Solo Yes
Switch Yes
Visa Yes
Customer Support Phone Freephone 0800 458 4664 (UK)
Email Via form on website
Live Chat No
Other Stuff Game Software Gamesys – no download needed
Licencing Authority Gibraltar