Bingoversity Chat

Play online Bingo and you can’t fail to notice the importance the best UK online Bingo halls place on their ‘chat’ facilities. Below is our quick guide to the basics of this popular feature, and how to get in on the fun of online chatting with other Bingo players.

Undoubtedly a major part of the appeal of playing real-world Bingo is the social side of a good session. Bingo halls have always been like social clubs, building communities or regular players who love the chance to get together for a good old gossip in amongst the serious business of marking off those tickets! It’s no surprise then that online Bingo halls have sought to bring the same kind of feel to their virtual world, and have done so with popular Chat facilities. Chat is now one of the most popular features with players of online Bingo, and no self-respecting online Bingo hall neglects to lay on real-time text Chat facilities for its members.

If you’re very new to the concept, Chat is a facility were an online Bingo hall’s players can type text messages to be read instantly by each other. This is done in a virtual ‘chat room’ which usually appears as a screen within the main software console used to play the online Bingo sessions. A player’s username (selected by them when they join-up to play the site’s Bingo) identifies them to other players who enter the chat room, and also is attached to any text message they type into the messaging box at the bottom of the chat screen. All messages are displayed in the chat screen with the latest appearing at the bottom – the screen scrolls as it fills up so the latest messages are always in view. You’re not obliged to type any messages when you go into a chat room, so if you’re still unsure how they work, consider taking out a trial membership with one of our approved online Bingo halls and have a play with their software to see how other players – sometimes referred to as ‘roomies’ in online Bingo parlance – are using the chat facilities.

All good quality online Bingo halls ensure their chat rooms are supervised, employing staff to act as hosts. These hosts are commonly called Chat Managers, or CMs for short, and are on hand to welcome new players, answer queries as well as generally keeping a relaxed, party atmosphere on the go! It also common in the best online Bingo halls, to find the CMs hosting regular Chat Games. These are simple bonus games played amongst the ‘roomies’ in a Chat Room to win a variety of prizes and add considerably to the fun, and sense of community that keeps players coming back t their favoured hall.

Chat Room Etiquette

As mentioned above, all the very best UK Online Bingo halls ensure their Chat Rooms are supervised by CMs to ensure their players
can enjoy good chat in a pleasant, relaxed group, however good manners are everything and here are a few golden rules to abide by when you are participating in a Chat Room (and want to stay there!):

  • Do not use indecent, foul or threatening language.
  • Do not slander, abuse or threaten other roomies.
  • Do not use nicknames that could reasonably cause offence.
  • Do not use sexual or racial slurs.
  • Do not impersonate other players – use your player identity alone.
  • Respect the CMs authority at all times.

Remember, you are a guest at the online Bingo hall(s) you choose to play. You can (and will) be banned for behaviour that is deemed unacceptable in the Chat Rooms.

The Chat Room’s Online Bingo Lingo

Much like mobile text messaging, players in online Bingo Chat Rooms often use acronyms and ‘txtspk’-style shorthand in their messages which, while it may speed up the flow of conversation, can make it all read like gobbledygook to the uninitiated. To help you decipher the curious digital dialogues that you’ll often see going on between seasoned Bingo roomies here are some of the more common abbreviations you’ll see:

*G* = Grin or giggle HB = Hurry back
*H* = Hug IC = I see
*H* = Kiss IYKWIM = If you know what I mean?
*S* = Smile JK = Just kidding
*W* = Wink L8R = Later
1TG = One to go! LMAO = Laughing my arse off
2TG = Two to go! LOL = Laughing out loud
3TG = Three to go! LY = Love ya
AFK = Away from keyboard NP = No problem
BBIAM = Be back in a minute OIC = Oh, I see
BBL = Be back later OMG = Oh my god
BBS = Be back soon POOF = I’ve exited the room
BLNT = Better luck next time ROFL = Rolling on the floor, laughing
BRB = Be right back ROFLMAO = Rolling on the floor, laughing my arse off
B4N = Bye for now SRY = Sorry
CYA = See ya SS = So sorry
CYAL8R = See ya later SYS = See you soon
FH = Full house! TC = Take care
GG = Good game TTFN
GL = Good luck TTYL = Talk to you later
GLA = Good luck all TY = Thank you
GLE = Good luck everyone TYVM = Thank you very much
GLNG = Good luck next game WB = Welcome back
GM = Good morning YVW = You’re very welcome
GN = Good night