Bingoversity Bonuses

Fancy some free money to play online Bingo with? Then you’ll love the bonus promotions all the best UK online Bingo halls offer to tempt new players to join their club. Find out more about how these popular Bingo rewards work below.

How do online bingo bonuses work?

All the very best UK Online Bingo companies offer attractive ‘Welcome Bonuses’ to new players joining them, but how do they work and how do you compare the offers to find one that’s the best deal? Read on and we’ll explain the common new player promotions you’ll find online and, just as important, the typical terms and conditions that are likely to apply.

First Deposit Bonuses

The most common bonus you’ll find offered to new players at online Bingo halls is the First Deposit Bonus. This is usually a scheme where the company you’ve signed up to play with adds extra money into your new player account based on the amount you add as your first deposit. The bonus is usually triggered if the player’s first deposit is above a minimum sum, usually about £10, and often is calculated as a percentage of that player deposit. For instance Littlewoods Bingo offer a 100% match, so they’ll add a pound for every pound deposited – it’s also worth mentioning at this point that there are maximum limits on the Bonuses that can be claimed, and in this case Littlewoods will match up to £125. Another example is 888ladies Bingo which matches first deposits 150% up to a maximum of £150 – i.e. they add £1.50 to the player’s account for every pound the player adds when they make their first deposit!

No Deposit Bonuses

No Deposit Bonuses are another additional incentive that pops up at a number of our preferred UK online Bingo Halls such as Virgin Bingo and Foxybingo. These are bonuses that are credited to all new players’ accounts automatically without requiring the player to make any deposit. Such bonuses are typically for a few pounds, and in the case of Foxybingo do require the player to register a valid credit or debit card to activate them, but they are free funds to play with! The beauty of these bonuses is they allow new members to have a little play at the chosen online Bingo hall to try out the games and sample the social scene before committing to start playing with their own money.

So What’s The Catch?

Player bonuses are a very attractive way to boost the funds in your player account. There is no catch since It is real money you have been given to spend at your chosen online Bingo hall, but, not unreasonably, there will be terms and conditions applicable to how it may be used and / or when it can be cashed out.

In simple terms, reputable UK online Bingo companies give you complete freedom to manage the money you choose to deposit in your account, and any winnings you earn, but there will be a few restrictions on how you can use any bonus money they pay you. Every online Bingo company will have information somewhere on its website to explain the exact terms and conditions of its bonus schemes and it’s always worth taking time to read and understand these.

How Do I Cash Out Bonus Money?

Naturally it wouldn’t be in any online Bingo hall’s interest to have new members join then immediately cash in their bonus without playing, so there is often a minimum wager requirement stipulated before bonus money can be withdrawn from a player’s account. This means that you must have bought tickets or made bets on other specified games to a certain value before you are free to withdraw all or part of a paid bonus.

The usual condition applied by UK online Bingo sites is that the minimum wager is (a) a multiple of the bonus paid or (b) a multiple of the bonus paid plus the player’s initial deposit.

Example 1 – a new player deposits £50 at online Bingo hall A and is credited a matching bonus of £50 (%100). The wagering requirement for the cashing in the bonus is 4 x the bonus, therefore the player must spend a minimum of £200 (4 x £50) before they are entitled to cash out the £50 bonus.

Example 2 – a new player deposits £20 at online Bingo hall B and is credited a matching bonus of £30 (150%). The wagering requirement for the cashing in the bonus is 2 x the sum of the bonus + the first deposit – i.e 2 x (£20 +£30), or 2 x £50 which is £100. In this scenario the player must spend a minimum of £100 before they are entitled to cash out the £30 bonus.

Remember wagering requirements are conditions that only apply to cashing out bonus money.

Other common conditions that may be applied to cashing out Welcome Bonuses are that wagering requirements may need to be met within a certain timeframe, and / or money spent on certain games may not count towards the wagering requirement. As mentioned above take time to read your chosen online Bingo hall’s terms and conditions to understand how their specific bonus scheme operates.

Can I Cash Out Bonus Money From All Online Bingo Halls?

Not necessarily – some UK online Bingo halls, such as Ladbrokes Bingo and Gala Bingo, don’t allow their bonus money to be cashed out at all! Before you throw down your dauber in disgust, this isn’t as unfavourable as it may seem. You are free to spend the bonus money on games on that site, and any winnings you generate from that can be cashed once the bonus and deposit have been spent. Think of it as a free pot of money you didn’t have to pay into your account, which is yours to spend in your favourite Bingo hall, giving you more time to play there and more opportunities to win a prize. Which ain’t bad at all when you think about it